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Friday, October 14, 2016   /   by The Benjamin Group


Are you ready to put your house on the market but you don’t know where to start? Here are a few tricks of the trade to help you get top dollar when selling your home.

#1 Remove the clutter

Many of us don’t like to admit it, but we are surrounded by a ton of unnecessary paper, nicnac’s and just a lot of stuff.  These things make your home feel much smaller than it is.  Space is a premium in real estate so to get more bang for your buck take the time and clear it all out.  Buyers will want to see unencumbered entry and hallways along with clean countertops, tables and clear closets.  Clean spaces will make it much easier for an agent to show your home and its full potential.

#2 Do a deep cleaning

Countless numbers of potential home buyers have rushed through a showing because of a unkept home.  Mopping, cleaning windowsills, baseboards, grout lines and cobwebs are just a few tasks that will definitely make a difference. Don’t forget to dust bookshelves and electronics.  Although your television may not be for sale, a clean screen tells a potential buyer that you care about your home.  Spend a few bucks to have your carpet professionally cleaned.  Lastly, don’t forget to clean under appliances and furniture. This may sound like a lot but it will be worth the extra time it takes to accomplish a clean and tidy home.

#3 Fresh coat of paint

Putting a fresh coat of neutral toned paint on the walls of your home is the most cost effective way to make your home feel new.  Utilize whites and grays which will make your rooms seem larger while allowing your home’s best features to stand out.

#4 Polish your floors

It doesn’t make “cents” to refurbish your floors if they aren’t severely damaged.  The simplest thing to do is polish them yourself.  Polish/Buffers are available to rent at many of your local hardware or home improvement stores.  Remember, your local handy person would be happy to perform the task for you at a reasonable cost. All in all you will be amazed at the difference this small change will make in the look of the interior of your home.

#5 Remove personal items

When buyers enter your home for a showing they want to envision themselves living in it.  Remove such things as photos and things that would form an opinion about taste.  Less is better in many scenarios when selling a home.

#6 Find a critter sitter

Somebody has to say it.  Everyone does not like dogs….or cats. This is reality.  Consideration must be taken of who your potential buyers are. Are they afraid of some animals?  Will they have their child with them during the open-house? Could they possibly be ALLERGIC?  Yes, that is quite a possibility.  Believe it or not some buyers just aren’t happy with the thought of an animal living in the home that they want to purchase.  Remember, you want to sell your home.  Clean any pet accidents immediately and use enzyme remover to kill all potential odor left behind.  Ask a neighbor to swing by and give your home a once over with the old “schnoz” to see if they smell anything offensive that you may have missed.  Is this a lot? Some may say yes but it is well worth the the effort when your home is off the market because has SOLD.