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6 Small Repairs to Make Before Placing Your Home on the Market

Monday, October 24, 2016   /   by The Benjamin Group

6 Small Repairs to Make Before Placing Your Home on the Market

Scratched hardwood floors 

The bad news is hardwood floors can take a beating and scratches happen. From dogs to kids to moving furniture. Scratches are going to happen. The good news is there are many simple fixes to make those floors gleam again without breaking your budget. Some minor scratches and blemishes may be corrected simply with wax sticks or wood stain markers available at your local home improvement store. Don’t be afraid to use color combinations to create the perfect match for your floors.

Chipped paint

Let’s face it.  Owning a home does require regular maintenance and upkeep.  Occasionally one may experience chipped paint in a visible area of their home. This is a simple fix. Lightly scrape the area and roll on a fresh coat or two of the same color paint and voila.

Electrical cover plates

Who know all the different ways that cover plates get cracked and broken?  Many times we grow accustomed to seeing them so they don’t bother us but rest assured that a potential buyer will spot them right away. Take a walk through your home and check each one. Replace the ones that are discolored, cracked or broken.

Blown light bulbs

One of the major points of attraction is lighting when selling a home.  Missing bulbs, however minute the seller may think, can change the impression of one who is viewing your home. Be sure to replace all damaged and blown bulbs.  Consider increasing the wattage in some rooms which brightens your home and makes it lively.

Carpet Stains

Few things can repel a potential buyer like stained carpet. What is the remedy? Address carpet stains when they happen. You are more likely to be able to remove the stain yourself if you catch it before it dries.  Some smaller stains may be removed with a few home remedies. Worst case scenario you will need to higher someone to come and clean the carpet or rug professionally.  Although this may cost a bit, the benefit outweighs the inconvenience.

Damaged Blinds

Broken or damaged blinds can be seen from the outside as well as when a potential buyer does a walk through of your home.  Blinds can be quite economical if time is taken and expectations aren’t too high. When selling a home you don’t have to purchase top of the line products, however, you want everything to look neat and tidy. The extra effort will be well worth it at the closing table.